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Experience the strength of community at CrossFit Full Bore!

CrossFit Full Bore 

Fitness For Life

Join our dedicated members in pursuing fitness goals, breaking barriers and forging lifelong friendships!

Our Method

At CrossFit Full Bore, our approach is what makes us the best CrossFit Gym in the New Orleans metro area, and we have proudly continued that philosophy since 2017. We asked ourselves what is vitally important to our clients, and we arrived at a method that is efficient and effective. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this or are just ready to take it to the next level. At CrossFit Full Bore, we will help you get where you want to go.




Crossfit is the perfect way to get fit and healthy! Our supportive community will help motivate you to reach your goals. Our experienced coaches will provide you with the tools and techniques to help you achieve amazing results and reach your fitness goals. Come and join us for an unforgettable journey


Girls Gone Buff

Girls Gone Buff is a unique and empowering fitness class that is dedicated to helping women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds reach their full potential. Our women-only classes are designed to help you improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Our team of experienced fitness professionals will help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Come and join us today and be part of the family

Parish Barbell Club

Parish Barbell is an Olympic weightlifting gym in the heart of parish. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for athletes of all levels to pursue their weightlifting goals. With experienced staff, a variety of classes, and a commitment to safety, you can trust Parish Barbell to help you reach your goals. We strive to provide a positive atmosphere that will help our athletes reach their full potential.


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CrossFit Gyms: Small Businesses, Profound Results

CrossFit Gyms: Small Businesses, Profound Results

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Who We Are: The CrossFit Ethos

Who We Are: The CrossFit Ethos

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